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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Monday, C Luo in personal social media shared a video. Faced with hundreds of defense dense mystery opponent, animated image of C Luo confidence in the frontier closed area football underfoot. On Thursday, Neymar also released a short video link, the face of the same group of opponents, the same animation image appears he whirlwind "riding a bicycle" confuse the opponent. Also on Thursday, Ibrahimovic also released a link to their own short film, animated short film image Ibrahimovic assisted by Wayne Rooney and Franck Ribery, staged a record shot straight to the goal corn Cheap air jordans for sale er barbs. Today, Rooney also released one of his animated image in the movie trailer video. These are fragments of animated short films the world, "the ultimate showdown." This by nike-4.html & quot; target = & quot; _blank & quot; & gt; Nike, Wieden + Kennedy and Passion Pictures together to create a short film depicting a football has lost the spirit of adventure and beauty of the world, only the world's top The football players can be saved from perdition story. "Please wait, 'the ultimate showdown' interpretation of the true meaning and spirit of football: it is 'fight on everything', brilliantly created and always fight for vic cheap foamposites tory this movie proves predictable conservative and patterns. In this beautiful sport of unwelcome, this is the 'ultimate showdown' conveys information. We want to inspire around the world on all players who dare to fight, it is this spirit of adventure in order to show their talent, " Nike's chief marketing officer David? Grasso said. "ultimate showdown" animated film will be released in Beijing on Youku NIKE.COM and Nike Soccer Channel on June 10. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;the Chinese people have a special liking cheap jordans for sale mens for the fiery "Chinese red". In many design fields, the popularity of "Chinese red" has a huge momentum like a prairie fire, highlighting a burning emotion with the rhythm of "fire". LEBRON 9 China version in the design inspiration from the "fire" is the soul of the traditional red and white color, but different from the "Chinese red", the Chinese version of the flame when the highest temperature of the outer flame of blue and orange as the main color, bold breakthrough. "Fire" is one of the important elements in the five elements theory of Chinese traditional culture. It symbolizes James's burning morale and fiery passion on the field. U Retro jordans for sale se one of the most auspicious styles to inject a bit of good luck into the fighting on the court, so that these heroes will again hit the championship trophy and make their dreams come true. The most noteworthy is the LEBRON 9 version of China not only make a fuss in the color, in all the details of the design but also very China elements, the use of Chinese Shishi tongue parts with the design inspiration traditional flame pattern, and collocation of pictograph words "fire" pattern on the heel in the details the traditional culture China reveal the most incisive, which is closer to the NBA and China old fashion distance. In addition to th cheap jordan shoes for men e appearance of the NIKE reflects the superb creativity, the most advanced and sophisticated technology innovation has also been integrated into design of the LEBRON 9, and included some special requirements of James himself, so that the ninth pairs of boots from signature quite rich scientific connotation. High performance download (119.53 KB) Download (112.61 KB) Download (105.92 KB) Download (158.49 KB)Adidas SL Loop upgrade! Right now, this section is an upgraded version - Adidas SL Loop CT, shoes used updated shoe material, and were launched yellow, Heihe, dark red color, vamp also uses hollow pattern design, do not have a flavor cheap jordans online ~ , the point is! The series of shoes are now available at the store! network buzzwords into mainstream culture and nothing new, recently, H & amp; M released the latest clothing line, inspired by the popular statement will come from social networking sites, in black and white as the main color, use popular design approach to create a simple, two Japanese slogan appear on the body. Use Japanese embellishment on clothing method is also as KENZO, SuperDry tried other brands, has played impressive visual effects. It is reported that apparel is now on sale in Japanese stores, priced at 2900 yen and 3990 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping yen range.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Ms. Chu to the newspaper hotline 85188518 reflect: I was in the stadium road Nike store to buy his son a pair of shoes to wear for two months, appeared unglued soles and uppers damaged case, after the shoe repair shop to get. A few days ago just to get back shoes, soles and uppers have been repaired, but the son was wearing socks fill up after the discovery of dyed leather, and now there is no way to wear the shoes, but the store will not deal with, hope Daily help defenders. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This summer, Ms. Zhu Nike store at the stadium on the way to his s Cheap air jordan 12 ovo on to buy a pair of shoes, original price 898 yuan, 700 yuan hit a post actually paid tickets. Ms Chu said his son 16 years old, was in high school, this pair of shoes to wear for two months, soles unglued, and mesh uppers are broken, it is difficult to see, he refused to wear it again. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In late September, when Ms. Zhu got the shoe store, failed to provide ticket purchase, but the clerk promised to give her maintenance. When a few days later to pick up the shoes, Ms. Zhu found only a shoe uppers repaired, the extent of other relatively minor damage but no repair shoes, the clerk said, "the shoe (upper) has not yet cheap jordans for sale penetrated, and so on through the re-repair. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at Ms. Zhu's insistence, the shop finally agreed to give her maintenance, but this time the result is still not repaired to her satisfaction: two shoes soles unglued part Although too sticky, but did not achieve the desired effect commissure; the more serious is that the bird was later patched vamp shoes to wear for a day, a white sock was filled in a shoe internal "patch" infected with the black, how can not wash clean. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ms Chu said, when repair these shoes are still within the time limit of three bags, businesses should be responsible in t Retro jordans for sale he end, if after completing still can not wear, it can not be regarded as a good service. But the shop said they paid for shoes shoe repair shop repair, repair badly they are too busy and can not provide proof of the case within the time limit of three bags of shoes still buy tickets at Ms. Zhu, who as a business can Maintenance has to be good. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to dissatisfaction with the attitude of the business process, Ms Chu this quality pair of Nike sneakers and even authenticity also had doubts: "Now the little boys have to wear shoes, Nike and Adidas, I have been in the mall counter to his shoes, never been any quality problems, this time in the store to buy that should also be the same, I did not expect the shoes to wear for two months on the bad, the clerk said that it was us dress themselves properly, my son every day at school, they did not do anything, how would one pair of shoes to wear good enough quality so bad? " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoe repair used "patch" Black socks & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike: Shoe guarantee period has expired, it is the obligation to help shoe repair & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a reporter to understand the situation, the staff said Miss Hu to this Nike store, as in this case, Ms. Zhu met uppers damage is not common, can not be said that the quality of shoes problem, but Ms. Zhu shoes by the end of September when the repair is certainly no longer be a three-month warranty period, because in July the shoe in the store had sold out, they are well-intentioned help Ms. Zhu for repair . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ms Chu offered to add a few hundred dollars, so the store to give yourself for the same section of a pair of shoes, but the store side said impossible. "Shoes have been a period of three packs, can not be returned." Miss Hu said that in general during the warranty period of three months, shoe problems, the customer can show it stores, repair shops, then will not pay to the manufacturers to deal with, or repair or exchange, but after three packs can not be returned to the factory after the deadline. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Miss Hu acknowledged Ms. Zhu's shoes are handed out shoe repair shop maintenance, so they do not know how to breakage repair. "May be used to repair the leather fade under the influence of sweat, and only then color dye in the socks." Miss Hu said that Ms. Zhu can then help to find out whether the shoe repair shop to deal with the problem properly stained, if You can repair it, the store will help Ms. Zhu repaired shoes. In this regard, Ms Chu accepted.

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