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The / Chen Jun February 21st, the fifteen China Qingdao, a Hanziqiye responsible person of Miss Zhang came home very late, "and a number of new products to the market, we are too busy." After the company's main headdress, new year, business is good. recently, Hanziqiye boss "overnight escape" by the news of her concern, "I know there are about 10 companies from Chinese, have finished the tax legal go, some escape." Miss Zhang said, "they do not do business, do not go to blame." since the end Retro jordans for sale of last year, South Korea's Yonhap news agency, "Korean Daily" "Central Daily" and other South Korean media reported sharply, "investment in China for 20% consecutive losses of Korean enterprises", "bankruptcy, forced the night fled in a continuous line". 2 the afternoon of 25 March, the Ministry of Commerce China Asia Department official on the Korean enterprises illegal withdrawal. China accepted "news weekly" interview. The official stressed that the withdrawal of China only a few small and medium siz cheap jordans for sale mens ed enterprises in Korea's behavior, "will not develop the South Korean enterprise in China investment and therefore affected the relationship between China and South korea." he also pointed out that Chinese workers and related companies, lenders are victims of the illegal withdrawal of events. At present, China and South Korea government attaches great importance to this issue, conducted several consultations. who in the "night run" , according to South Korean media reports, since the second hal cheap foamposites f of last year, in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places, some South Korean enterprises began to "escape the night". These enterprises leave factory equipment, the boss leave alone. Some of the boss owed wages and bank loans. , South Korea's Yonhap news agency and other media reported that escape the climax in the lunar new year period, Qingdao became a disaster area". Reports in Qingdao two South Korean leather processing enterprises as an example: because Chinese suddenly the implementation of i Cheap air jordans for sale ndustrial restructuring, the two companies are listed for the prohibition of the processing trade industry, has closed down. So, owed wages, subcontracting enterprises of processing fees and debt China bank, the boss fled. South Korea import and Export Bank statistics, from 2000 to 2007, 8344 South Korean enterprises to invest in Qingdao, during the 7 years there are 206 companies illegal withdrawal, of which 87 are in the last escape. An official of the Asian Department of the Ministry of Commerce on 20 Retro jordans for sale 06 , a Korean enterprises escape is impressive, "while a five letter, Han Leather Co. Ltd. was a relatively large company in Qingdao, employs tens of thousands of people, the country is also very famous. In December 2006, the senior management of the company suddenly abandoned factories all returned home, they default on bank loans, staff wages, suppliers, serious impact on the local society.porsche-design-sport-by-adidas-2017-spring-summer-footwear-collection-111 (1).Jpeg (798.45 KB, download times: 2) cheap jordans for sale download attachment Porsche, Design, x, Adidas, new spring 2016-11-27 upload at 16:32 〉 item: 385475-023Yesterday, Nike Board announced that due and founder and Chairman Philip? Knight disagreement, "airborne" to Nike CEO William just turned one year? Peres announced his resignation. Meanwhile, Nike announced the Nike "veterans" Mark? Parker took over as CEO. "runners" reneging 2004 ?? 12 2 April, Knight announced that it would resign as CEO of Nike, but still served as chairman. Knight's Cheap air jordan 12 ovo seat when he took over the consumer products company SCJohnson & Son, president and CEO of Perez. The industry generally believe that he is and Microsoft founder Bill? Gates and other industry giants, like the tide, to achieve relatively independent board of directors and management. Knight also said that looking for a CEO from outside the company in order to maintain a balance in leadership. At the time, Nike Perez investigated for nearly two years. According to reports, Perez and Knight got along ve Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ry well. Knight said in a telephone interview, said, "He who is more suitable than other Nike." Perez bachelor's degree in management at Cornell University, is a long-distance lover. Knight joked: "He still experience long-distance running, he was runners, participated in 11 marathons." Since 1996, Perez has served SCjohnson & son company's president and CEO. In the company's 34-year career, he has managed in the country, the region and the world of business companies. However, despite already retired, cheap jordans online but as the founder of Knight apparently also played no small operating "heat." When talking about the resignation Peres said that Nike has a huge development opportunities, however, there is a huge difference, he and Knight in the long-term development strategies. Therefore, his resignation is good for long-term development of the company. Knight said successor replacement is always challenging. Unfortunately, Perez did not realize everyone expected of him when he joined the company a year ago. betw cheap jordan shoes for men een December last year to April this year, the growth rate of orders for Nike shoes worldwide, clothing is the last two years the slowest growth. Last year, Nike's shares fell 3 percent, as investors worried that rival Adidas acquisition of Reebok, will occupy more market share. Right then go heavy "Nike veteran" Hand What balance the company's leadership selection makes mistakes no longer attend the Knight. Peres's successor, President Parker and Charlie brand new? Denson are Nike "veterans." This year 50-year-old Parker, joined Nike in 1979, and includes a plurality of positions in the design, development, marketing and brand management office. Nike shoes while he was in space has been widely recognized. Prior to becoming CEO, Parker is responsible for Nike's most influential product and brand marketing. It is responsible for developing one of the leading core of long-term strategic plan. Similarly, the 49-year-old Denson also 1979 joined the Nike brand. Parker said, he paid his life for the Nike brand building, in order to lead the world's most dynamic organizations and excited. 1964 years as an accountant Knight, with a sports coach Bill? Bowerman co-founded Nike, and the stock went public in 1980, with good product design and excellent marketing practices, the establishment of a first-class brand image, beyond the competitors Reebok and Adidas to become the leading brand. morning to give you bring curry 1 is about to launch a new colorway of the news, curry immediately today warriors home victory over the Suns game on foot this color. And the game is also very exciting, the two sides during the last 30 seconds of staged lore, anti lore, and lore, back the lore of the magic of the script. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!

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