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with street brand Gosha Rubchinskiy in the international fashion arena attention, Russia also has many new brands and designers, such as Dasha Selyanova, Tigran Avestiyan, August Institute, our 'and its author, kappa from 1985, and so on. The international market are the focus in Moscow and other cities, such as Nike Sportswear earlie cheap jordan shoes for men r in the ice city: Sneakerboots. Introduction has been in the streets of active artists such as dimitry Oskes, Dmitri aske and l 'one, and on the city all kinds of artistic and cultural. Now secondary presentation is 4 a compilation of selected fashion selected store. If you plan to travel to Moscow, don't miss opportunities for shoppi Retro jordans for sale ng here. source: HYPEBEASTFashion luxury goods adidas launched a series of "watch fluorescent" 2013-05-20 14:35:58 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: overdope] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 20 hearing, adidas sports fashion watches, shoes considered relatively rare production. Summer launched cheap jordans for sale mens a series of "watch fluorescent" only by a black body and a fluorescent LOGO and pointer numbers, a strong sense of contrast. The four watches are the expression of different designs, and the most simple ADH2853 ADH2855, only huge clover fluorescence LOGO on the dial, a solid, a hollow, but three hands to maintain the black, the most si cheap foamposites mple and practical fashion brand models; and the most complex The ADH2854, eye-catching large numbers, pointers, small dial, showing the vitality of eye-catching luminous effect; finally restrained and practical ADH2856, better balanced, moderate figures and pointer size, suitable for low-key practical people wear. Throughout the four, Cheap air jordans for sale there must be a line with your request. Related news yesterday, in Berlin, in England and Germany's friendly, England eventually in the ratio of three to two win. This is also the two countries issued new jersey for the first time on the pitch meeting.for the car owners, the speeding ticket is no longer a normal thing, but you ha Retro jordans for sale ve heard of cycling speeding ticket it? do not make a fuss, British media recently reported a anecdote: a 40 year old man in a local park racing, speed reached 61 kilometers, eat a big ticket. what! Bicycle can also be speeding? And a ticket?! bicycle in the end can ride much faster, in order to reach the level of the ticket, the Brit cheap jordans for sale ish a handsome uncle for us announced the answer. London, a bike enthusiasts, this year earlier within the speed limit of 32 kilometers of Richmond Park when riding motorcycle racing, police shot to a top speed of up to 61 km, and are documented. recently, the court sentenced him to pay a fine of 400 pounds and 220 pounds of other fee Cheap air jordan 12 ovo s, a total of 620 pounds (about 6060 yuan). Although the man the police hiding behind the tree secretly enforcement expressed dissatisfaction, and questioned the speeding ticket is applicable to the provisions of the bike, but the park said the speed limit set by the police, the purpose of which is to ensure that all access to the park Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 's safety and the comfort and protection of wild animals, hope including bike enthusiasts, all road users to comply with the provisions. bicycle in the end how fast ah?! British uncle in the park can easily ride to 61 kilometers per hour, then the professional bicycle players, in the end how fast it can ride it? white clothes for the " cheap jordans online sprint king" Cavendish to the famous hundred years race the tour de France, for example, on the flat sprint stage, leading athletes per hour can be reached more than 70 kilometers, "sprint king" Cavendish this data is 78 kilometers per hour, although last only for a few seconds, but this is completed after the rider who has completed hundreds of kilometers long. during the tour de France, the average speed of drivers each stage general in each hour 40 kilometers, of course, this also includes the climbing stage of long distance, individual time stage of the rider ahead of average speed will reach about 50 kilometers, and in downhill, the master for safety consideration, will intentionally reduce the speed, but the fastest speed can also be reached 120 km. can compete in the tour de France riders are all the top players in the world, and if they go to the indoor venues, can ride faster results. Gaye · Martin and his super bike according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the world's fastest mountain bike record by Gaye · Martin keep, speed up to 181 kilometers per hour. this record is born in a South Wales beach, when the British truck racing champion Dave & middot; Jenkins driving trucks as the leading car, to 80 kilometers per hour moving bicycle before out of the truck and reach speeds of up to 181〉

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