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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in Chinese sportswear market battle, Adidas (stores) (Adidas) are catching up Nike (stores) company (Nike). This production of sports shoes and hoodies German manufacturers said, the fourth quarter sales in China increased by 12%, the annual increase of 27%. Because Reebok (Reebok) brand impairment of 265 million euros, Adidas ? 272 million loss in the fourth quarter of last year (about $ 353 million), in this context, the performance can be described as a bright spot in China. At the same time, US manufacturers Nike sales in China declined, China's domestic sportswear brands are issues continue. Nike "destocking" key Adidas China strategy is to extend beyond the brand shoes and sportswear. Currently, Adidas is restructuring retail stores, each store will allow focus on specific market segments, such a cheap jordan shoes for men s basketball and other sportswear, as well as teen clothing and casual apparel. "there will be no large and universal shop." Adidas Greater China general manager, director of high-Skyline (ColinCurrie) said that the next two years, Adidas will launch subdivision counters in mainland China stores in 7000, provide professional products to attract backpackers and even fashionistas. According to market research firm Euromonitor statistics, in China the scale of 148 billion yuan (23.8 billion US dollars) in the sports apparel market, Adidas currently holds 11.2% of share, accounting for 12.1 percent of Nike. For a long time, Nike Chinese market has been dominant, but in the quarter ended November 30 of last year, Nike Greater China sales fell 12%. 12 at the end of last year, Nike executives said, in an effort to solve the inventory problem, intends Cheap air jordan 12 ovo to expand the size of existing stores, create high-end products. Adidas has been digging sportswear manufacturer in Europe and America is the first expansion in China's garment enterprises, but these companies are facing competition from European and American casual apparel retailers. The latter includes the United States, Gap, as well as Spain's Zara brand InditexSA. Meanwhile, the Chinese sports and cultural development is very slow, unable to catch up with the rapid expansion of sports apparel. Sports equipment manufacturers difficult to sell higher-margin apparel and sports equipment in China. In addition, since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games after ordering too many products, China's domestic sportswear brand stalled in subsequent years. All these explain why the Adidas goods prepared many retail outlets in China, are its NEO brand red cheap jordans for sale mens stovepipe jeans, fashion cloak and button collar gingham shirt. "respected fashion Adidas in China seems to have tasted the sweetness." Shanghai consulting firm ChinaMarketResearchGroup senior analyst Roy (JamesRoy) said that most Chinese people do not wear sports clothes, they seldom exercise. High Skyline says Adidas has from the Swedish fashion company Hennes & amp; recruitment MauritzAB and the Spanish Zara and other retailers. Adidas also by region will be more "personalized build" Chinese mainland stores offer those products for different climates and customers. For the same series of new rivals, Adidas NEO is also accelerating the development of its product line. This series of casual clothes aimed at young city often high Skyline said, and compared to any other brand, adidas casual sportswear to build its speed faster. Adi tighten inv cheap jordans online entory management In addition, adidas is tightening inventory management. Skyline High, said the whole Chinese market, Adidas is analyzing sales data its franchise partners and overseeing order situation, which can be done in less than 90 days to make the product off the shelf. about 7,000 home stores in the Chinese market, only 10% of Adidas all. High Skyline said, in order to convince the franchises to new variation, Adidas will be the first to make a change in the Direct stores. The company is Wuhan pilot plan. In Wuhan, five years ago, it looks exactly the same five Adidas store, has now been transformed into stores for different groups of people, whose objects include basketball players and those just looking for a fashionable hoodie customers. The company spokesman said sales at stores last year, an increase of these 80% (over the previou Cheap air jordans for sale s year). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)23 PM, Sichuan city of Nanchong Province, Jialing District, a "bullet" with passing traffic police. The police immediately stopped the "bullet", discovered that it was converted to a bicycle by. I saw the car sitting on a middle-aged man, a little boy. "this thing looks strange." A car stopped immediately, there are many residents talk. this car shell appears to be white plastic material, only one seat in the car, "bullet" below the 3 bicycle wheel support, front two behind a car by the driver pedal to drive forward. "the owner said, this car is his own modification, seldom used today, is eager to send their children to kindergarten, and not far away from home, to ride out." The police said, the modification of the human car do not guarantee the quality, ther cheap jordans for sale e is a big security risk. The police ordered the owner not to drive the car on the road. (Nanchong Evening News) in fact, this kind of oblique lying car often seen in foreign countries, in the country is the people as a mirror". Some users have said that the traffic police do not understand the customs, stifling the creativity of the people. Good riding Jun believes that the traffic police comrades is also for the sake of public transport safety, understandable.Nike released 2016 Slovenia subject field uniforms. The home shirt used light blue, minimalist design won the players a lot of praise. uses the road uniforms dark green and light green combined with green shorts and socks. source: FBL& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - International News - US investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray recently completed the latest edi Retro jordans for sale tion of adolescent consumer research report "Taking Stock With Teens" (Report description link). The report focuses on adolescent consumption patterns, fashion trends, and brand and media preferences, brings together 48 American Continent 7500 the average age of 16.4 years of high school students surveyed information, the summary once every six months, it has a version 27. Piper Jaffray Investment Research co-director and senior research analyst Steph Wissink said, "In the history of this project over the past ten years, we have witnessed a teen favorite brand, the factors that affect their preferences as well as their consumer brand, and brand a significant change in the way brands interact and share, but there are some general facts about the teen has not changed - they've been looking for identity among peers, their consumption completely inde Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping pendent, they were the first people to make a change and this The difference is that the younger generation compared to their predecessors, they do not behave, they are more important than the product experience, but they are not yet willing to work with the company of a mature brand. " Highlights of the report This article lists from all angles. From a macro perspective: 2014 Spring of total consumption contraction compared with the fall of 1% in 2013, compared to the previous mid-single-digit decline in a row a significant improvement, expected future expected to remain stable adolescent male consumption first appeared in the middle-income and high-income groups while growth in the fall of 2013 as a whole compared with an increase of 4%, while the female consumer is a continuation of the mid-single-digit decline consumption frequency of cheap foamposites 38 times / year dropped 29 times / year (once every 1.75 weeks), only with the 2013 fall 28 times / year was essentially flat, which mainly because teenagers more choices when there is a real demand by moving the end, there is a destination (higher conversion rate) for shopping discount sales is a long-term trend, and is not suitable for the inventory backlog of goods; teenagers more online shopping and shopping on the phone, the survey showed that 26 percent of adolescent girls and 47% of adolescent males prefer online shopping, the proportion of last year were 18% and 20% Teen parents contributed income ratio rose to 65% (in particular see figure below); teenagers are not overstating the employment rate continues, but less than the highest level in history; time priority arrangements be adjusted, pre-courses are still the norm Select year indiv Retro jordans for sale idual sports / activities have become more common, semester early start time and end time becomes late (shortened summer employment period) adolescent social environment is still the biggest influence from friends, in addition, since 2010 the fall of the Internet beyond the TV to become the second largest influence teenagers to start, the influence of the Internet to grow steadily, now developed to make Instagram, Twitter and other social networking tools these two forces combined together Compared to single-brand retail stores, teenagers growing preference for "multi-brand retail model", individuality and uniqueness become the new darling teen consumption From the consumer perspective Category: Experience consumption exceeds the consumption and consumption. The proportion of food consumption accounts for the first time accounted for more than clothing; electronic products accounted for growth; furniture and fashion accessories accounted for slightly. Overall this generation of young people are "actors" who experience instead of heavier consumption clothing consumption stable; footwear consumption internal fluctuations; parts consumption dropped 85% of adolescents PC gamers are playing mobile games In the interior, reducing the importance of cable subscription, and online play becomes more important; outdoor, IMAX movie consumption share is growing Under the influence of Pandora music software, and local radio stations, listen to music rate / radio promotion, consumption rate basically listen to MP3 and CD fashion category, extreme sports brand demand remained stable; extent of the fast fashion preferences adolescent women eased; classic boutique demand peaked; sports fashion brand increased demand. In addition, professional sports brand has also increased demand From the brand perspective: food consumption has become the largest proportion of the type in which Starbucks is still the most popular brand The most popular clothing brand is still the Nike, the other sought-after brands, including Action Sports, Forever 21, American Eagle and Polo Ralph Lauren; the most popular high-income teenagers footwear brands are: Nike, Converse, Sperry Top -Sider and Steve Madden; adolescents heat is gradually disappearing brands: Aeropostale, Abercrombie & amp; Fitch and Hollister, the following young women said the findings do not want to wear the brand: In adolescent women more and more popular brands (including Forever 21, Hollister, American Eagle and other brands also appears in the above list): Sportswear accounted for 28% of youth apparel consumption in 2008 compared to just 6 percent. The most popular brands: Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour and Adidas sports apparel - also amateur sportswear popularity can usually wear more than jeans, which sports leisure brand Adidas, Athleta, Juicy Couture, Lululemon and Nike, denim brand Abercrombie & amp; Fitch, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lee and Levi's Chipotle first time surpassed most teenagers prefer Taco Bell Mexican restaurant brand 17% of the adolescents expressed interest in Apple iWatch, a 12% increase compared to last fall, which represents the change in the consumer wishes Instagram beyond Twitter and Facebook for the first time become the most important social networking tools -:; (China shoes network most authoritative and most professional shoe shoe News Media Partner & nbsp garments information.)

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